Help me get to Africa!

Lighthouse Medical MissionsActually, I already have the airfare, but I’m missing supplies. Recently I revisited my ministry in Guatemala. Now God is sending me on the Lighthouse Medical Mission to Guinea Bissau, and I don’t have supplies. A few hundred is all I should need for food, mosquito netting and the like.

Someone donated for the whole airfare already! Thank you! I’m not a doctor but a reporter. I want to spread the good news of this endeavor through various online media. Once I was a reporter for the New York Times, and I want to put those skills to God’s service.

Africa Medical missionDr. Robert Hamilton’s medical missions bring the only care many people get in years — some, in a lifetime. Acute chronic poverty keeps the huddling masses out of medical care in Africa. They even perform minor surgeries. They have saved lives.

Not only do they disburse free meds, the also give soccer balls and the like to bless outright kids who have never known a Christmas gift. If you would like to helps sponsor me, click on the donate button.

If you would like to donate to Dr. Bob’s missions in a bigger way, check out their website here.

8 responses to “Help me get to Africa!

  1. I just set up a button on my blog for a similar reason…trying to finance our way to Rwanda. May God grant us both the grace and the finances we need.

  2. Hey Mike!   Rafik and I donated $50 for your trip toAfrica.   Be highly blessed. Best regards to your wonderful family!    

      God bless you and keep you,              Gigi & Rafik 


  3. To be honest, I’d like to know how you set up the “donate” button, because I had PayPal turn me down flat when I wanted to have one on our church website (though they did allow me to set up a church PayPal account).

    • hmmmm. not exactly sure what the problem is. what do you mean they turned you down flat?

      i think i got some help. if i remember correctly, you google “paypal button” and get the code and paste it into your website. you have to figure out how to link it to your site.

      i may be trying to do it again soon sometime. if i learn how to do it better, i’ll let you know. i just copied the code from my text page and pasted it into the text version of my posting page. hope these vague indications help.

  4. gospelofbarney

    God bless your latest venture, mine is dealing with a two year old grandson! A real blessing.

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