6 responses to “Forgive

  1. As a pastor, I find the difficulty of forgiveness to be one of the biggest roadblocks to wholeness. Forgiving is letting go of hurts. Not forgiving is clutching your hurts to you, where they eat away at your soul, at least, and probably your body too.

  2. Tell me about it. I do believe the Priest who said the act of forgiveness is divine.
    There is no way our fleshy body or reasoning faculty can comprehend forgiveness, when it comes to forgiveness we have to treat it like we do when expecting a miracle:
    Have a desire to forgive
    Pray to God about it
    Believe that God has answered
    Walk in our faith because faith without works is dead
    Now, like some miracles it may not happen immediately but don’t let the feelings or what you see at the moment discourage you, keep believing, keep acting it out. One day you will realize that hey I have truly forgiven this person.

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