Off to Africa

Social scientists can’t understand altruism.

Africa medical missionsMost of them chalk it up to “wanting to feel important.” This makes me laugh. If I just wanted to feel important, why wouldn’t I make a lot of money and be important? There is more to altruism than they want to recognize.

A number of us are going to Africa Thursday to participate in a medical mission. By any measure, it’s not tourism. It’ll be a whole heck of a lot of inconvenience, uncomfortableness, hard work, sweat, and endangering our own health. So why are 50 people WANTING to go on the Lighthouse Medical Mission’s trip this year to Gambia and Guinea Bissau?

I was packing vitamins last week with Dal Basile, whose self-effacing service to humanity inspires me. She’s the nicest lady, but she’ll turn feisty if you so much as drop one vitamin on the floor. They cost 20 cents each, she says. Donations cannot be wasted at all. Thankfully, I didn’t drop a single pill.

If you wish to donate to Africa medical missions, feel free to go to this webpage.

9 responses to “Off to Africa

  1. Have a wonderful trip and stay well!

  2. Wow may the Lord use you guys in your Medical missions trip

  3. Brother,

    May the Lord prepare the way before you as you go to Africa. My heart is touched by several posts I have read and some I have read again. Legacy, and several other posts of late are particularly stirring due to your transparency.

    It is easy to relate to the openness you share. Knowing that Jesus is coming soon there is an urgency to make a difference for Him.

    I pray you are led into the perfect will of God in all things.

    Thank you for the likes you leave on my blog. I will pray for you. May the Lord bless you Brother.

  4. Have a good and wonderful trip. Keep touching lives brother 🙂 Amen

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