I’m going to keep reaching out


Even though I face rejection on all sides.

Cutting myself off from people would save me the hurt. But it would deprive me of human warmth, affirmation.

Too bad so many people see others through competitive eyes. They can’t just be friends. They have to put others down, downplay others’ giftings. Life must be miserable when you can’t enjoy friendship.

319896379751152422_LZUTRNrd_bI’m going to keep reaching out to find friends. To find people who can accept me for what I am. My strengths and weaknesses. My quirks. People who don’t try to re-make me according to what they think I should be. God made me sensitive. If you don’t like that, too bad for you!

I’m going to keep reaching out because that’s what Jesus did. Spurned, he still gave love. I’m going to keep reaching out because the alternative to rejection is loneliness — which is worse.

19 responses to “I’m going to keep reaching out

  1. Love covers all sins and makes those who are rejected, accepted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this. Yes, keep reaching out!

  3. Jesus said “A servant is not greater than his master”. If you’re ever rejected or criticized for doing something for the Lord, remember our Lord also experienced rejection.

    Also, it would be good to take notice of another’s strong points and one’s own weak points because then we’ll know how to build each other up (thus compensating for our differences) and thus be able to work together harmoniously. When Christ is at the center of our lives, there’s no room for strife.

  4. That’s awesome.I try to remember that to this day people reject Christ and He comes bearing gifts like redemption, forgiveness, eternal life. All I’ve got to offer is my charming disposition. To tell you the truth, I’m starting to learn that success should be measured by how much rejection we face. If I go through an entire day without being rejected, I’ve failed to do my job.

  5. Happiness does not flow from accomplishments, being accepted or criticized, more from how we keep exerting effort, smiling in the face if adversity as you are living now.

    It is your heart and action to keep going to keep trying the standard for life, all else will fade in due time.

  6. God bless you and your new friendships as He brings just the right people along side you. Sensitivity is a gift we need.

  7. Yes that is true…It would also keep those same individuals from experiencing you displaying God’s love. Show them how its done by displaying His love. Awesome perspective.

  8. It is hard when people see each other as competition. I just prayed for you to have strength to go through what you are going through

  9. I’m so glad! Praise God ๐Ÿ™‚ this is great. I’m going through this now… It is so easy to isolate after being hurt. I’ve been spending more time unplugged and less time blogging. I’m praying I can share more soon. Anything. Love seeing your posts. Continued prayers.

  10. Loneliness is a great motivator to seek out God – because HE, at least, is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS ready to listen and HE ALWAYS cares. He’s never too busy and He doesn’t condemn foolish mistakes. He always gives HOPE and a REASON to continue on! He LOVES us, with ALL our imperfections!

    Reading your post helps me again, to realize, I’m NOT alone in my seeming isolation! Thank you for reaching out with your words – I reach out also!

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