Racism is sin: the NBA, soccer and the church

No room for racism in church

Clippers owner Donald Sterling (tarnished sterling). Ironically, his girlfriend is part black. Apparently, it was she who recorded his racial comments and leaked it to news agencies.

Hooray for the NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver fined Clipper owner Donald Sterling $2.5 million and banned him from the NBA for life after the real estate mogul was recorded making racist remarks against blacks to his girlfriend.

Dani Alves fights back against racism

Dani Alves shows Villareal fans that he won’t be thrown off his game by racial taunts. Barcelona came from behind to win 3-2.

Hooray for Dani Alves. The left defender from FC Barcelona mocked racial taunts. When a fan from the other team attempted to provoke the Brazilian by throwing a banana at him during a game (message: you are a monkey), he picked up the banana, took a bite and kept playing. Footballers in support took pictures of themselves eating bananas and posted them on Instagram. The fan has been banned for life from attending soccer stadiums.

no racism in church

NO racism in church!

Church, take heed! I have been mortified by brothers who, thinking they talk in confidence with me because I’m as wait as a freshly bleached sheet, share their evil racism with me. There is no room for racism in the church. It is a sin. For too many years, “apologists” accommodated and justified slavery with a wicked twisting of the scriptures.

I’ve got news for you. In Heaven, all the races live together in harmony. And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. — Rev. 5:9.

no racism in Heaven

There’s no racism in Heaven

If you secretly harbor thoughts of the superiority of one race, repent of your sin before God and convert in a truly loving Christian.

God forbid that the NBA and a Spanish soccer club be more loving towards rejected people than the church.

Sterling may fight back. He can dicker over due process. He can prosecute whoever illegally recorded his conversation (presumably his girlfriend). But his doom has been decreed. He’s not going to make much headway.

26 responses to “Racism is sin: the NBA, soccer and the church

  1. Amen. The church has been a haven for racism and other “isms” for far too long. We all need to speak up for the love and inclusion of all tribes, people, languages and nations that Jesus promoted. Bless you for this courageous post in love.

  2. This is so profound and true! I agree completely but think churches sometimes ‘hedge’ this issue. I am not sure why? Maybe trying to stay out of trouble and less controversial? I am sure that the most powerful message would be, What would Jesus (God) want us to do? I have stood up against the judgmental Duck Dynasty leader on my post. I would not be afraid to take on others! Smiles for your brave and important messages here! Robin

  3. If you think God was not a racist, you could not have read the Old Testament. Any real Christian would know about God, if they would have read His Written Word.

  4. A big hearty AMEN as a minority myself

  5. I’m not sticking up for Sterling, but it doesn’t make sense? He is racist & has a black gf? Of course, she must have made him angry? I mean, all relationships ppl get into fights and say hurtful things? The sad thing is if he is racist, what about all those ppl who may offended? What sin are you in? Are you making it a big deal too? Repent & get right with Jesus today.

    • You are right. This is totally weird. But from what I heard of the tape, it sounds like he thought she was Latina and wanted her to act white. So it would seem he discriminated not against Latinos but blacks only. It also makes little sense that he would own a basketball team, hire a black coach, etc. I wonder if he had the team like some sort of Southern plantation. You are right to call me to account for my own sin. Yes, I am a dirty, rotten, filthy sinner. But at the same time, we cannot allow such hostility based on race to continue in America, not after 200 years of the wicked evil of slavery, not after decades of abuse, not after lynchings where whites were absolved. As Daniel prayed to God to forgive him and his people, so we must fight to eradicate sin from our nation. Blessings!

      • Amen, but sad to say that evil of slavery is still going on today (human trafficking.) And still many racist people out there including blacks. When someone happens to a black person, some another race does something to them, they respond as we are racist, but if we (any color but black) have something done to us by a black person or any race, we don’t do say it’s racist. Now it’s a good 65% of blacks that do this. Like at my work, I’m the minority, but I talk with everyone, we are all brown, 12 different shades of it. But the 95% of blacks at my work don’t give me the time or day. Every person is different, when I was in college, all blacks talked to me. On the news the other day, it said Latinos, African Americans, Asians & Whites. Well, why white? Why not, Caucasian? But we whites aren’t going to get offended, but if it said blacks, the news may be getting sued? Jesus bless you! 🙂

  6. Thank you for this powerful and true message! I am constantly appalled at how others seem to ignore God’s (Jesus’) teachings! Love thy neighbor as thyself!! I posted a controversial story about the Duck Dynasty clan who think they are Christians and their position on not accepting Gays is appalling, we may not agree with different lifestyles but we should always love the ones who need it. They are in a position to shine a loving light, through their t.v. show. Oh well! I have managed to get a few coworkers not to watch this show. Smiles, Robin

  7. What does Good have to do with Evil ? Come out from among them, and be Ye separate say’s the LORD !!! Let the Gays ( Perverted ) keep it to them self’s , and GOD. ( May God Deliver them ). They do not have the wright to put there sick perverted ways in my, or the children’s face’s !!!——- ( EQUAL RIGHTS )- JESUS had Said remember when I sent You out, with no food or sword. But there will come a time when I will, tell you to pick up your sword. Peter’s response was that he had two swords. And JESUS said that that was enough.( That time that he spoke of is now !!! ). And if you would have read the Scriptures ( OLD TESTAMENT ). In JESUS day, there was not, any New Testament. You would see that it was a sin to mix with the other Races. If God wanted us to mix He would have let Nimrod, have his wicked way. He would have never made us in, different colors, and have different speech’s. GOD said, in the End Times-Because they chose to believe a Lie I would send them Strong Delusion’s. -MAY GOD BLESS YOU-

    • God bless you too bro. I appreciate you but I don’t exactly agree with your Biblical interpretation in regards to race. I married a Chinese girl. God wants to save all races “to the ends of the Earth.” The New Testament goes to great pains to show equality before Christ. First to the Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria, and to all the Earth. The Holy Spirit fell on Jews, then Samaritans, then on Gentiles. All were the same. There was no preference or superiority of any one race or religion. Paul says in Galatians that God has torn down the dividing wall separating Jews from Gentiles. The divisions of people over the Earth was also part of the curse. The sin of the tower of Babel was not unity but pride to affront Heaven with the tower. The answer was separation and division, but in the end times, we are all united and equal in the New Jerusalem. Hope this helps. Thanks for your comments.

  8. In the end times we are all equal, ( After Jesus Return ), but not in New Jerusalem.. All ( Nation’s-Different Peoples ), plural will “come up to Jerusalem”. And will Celebrate the Holly Days, ( Jewish Holly Days ). We all do not live in Jerusalem. And Salvation is granted First to the JEWS, and then to the GENTILES. This is a Preference, ( Jews First ) “How Be It ” ? This is not equality, I was born a Roman Catholic and not a Jew, evan I can see this. There is no Great Pains to show equality in the New Testament, or in the Old Testament, ” Read the Scriptures”, ( Old Testament ). The Wall that you are talking about was the Jewish Laws, that separated the Jews from the Gentiles, ( All Races ). ” Don’t touch this”, and ” Don’t eat that “, etc.. Not the Old Commandment’s, ( That Are Still In Affect )… As for as any curse, I do not Live Under Any Curse !!!. The reason GOD divided the People, was that in there pride, they had ( Become One ), like the ( New World Order )… As long as we live in this World, that Satan is in rule of, there will be divisions and problems. But we look forward to the Day that, (JESUS IS The RULER). ” May God Bless You”, AMEN..

  9. The most awful sort of racism is to try to support it by using the Word of God. Nonsense. And evil.

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