Only so much maturity

diving statue of libertyBut now, please forgive their sin—but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written. — Ex. 32:32.

Hmmmmm. I’m not there yet. Here Moses is taking the hit for Israel’s bad against God. Paul similarly wishes to lose his own salvation if by it he could save his countrymen, the Jews (Ro. 9:3).

time of manI was a missionary for a long time. I sacrificed. I gave. I put others first. I grew and matured, but I never got to this level. I never wished my own eternal damnation if that could save a people. My idea was and is to go to Heaven myself and to take as many with me as possible.

I come up short though. My pastor, Rob Scribner, said Moses and Paul take responsibility for their people. I have prayed like Daniel assuming the collective guilt of my people, but never did I rescind my individual salvation in favor of another. My love for others stops shy of that.

I suppose Moses and Paul both had the notion that they wouldn’t lose their salvation by saying this. They were PLEASING God by aligning their hearts with His; He gave His Son for us to be saved.  Still, I can’t get myself to mouth this vow.

Do you feel responsibility for others?

15 responses to “Only so much maturity

  1. As children of God, we all have a responsibility to speak the word of God through our words and actions. We have the responsibility of kindness and most of all, love for others.

  2. While I do not bear the responsibility of others’ sins, I do bear the responsibility of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others. When a person is in leadership, as Moses was, then the burden of leadership can be heavy, and when the people you lead fall into sin, it is easy to feel responsible. Great post. Made me think.

  3. Brutally honest. My father, a missionary in Japan from 1934, once prostrated himself on the floor and cried out, “God, if I am what is standing in the way of revival in Japan, then take me out of the way.” I don’t think he thought it was possible to resign his own salvation, but he was certainly willing to give his life.

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  5. Feel you here…I think I do have a deeply broken heart for the loss…but I don’t think I can ever be like Paul, wishing to give myself up eternally for the sake of his countrymen…

  6. Thanks for the post!! Sacrifice is principal. In your post Moses and Paul are willing to sacrifice for the people. I’m also not there yet either. I feel deep sorrow for those that are not saved and I try to speak about God’s love to all, but to say that I’m willing to trade my own salvation for another’s….

  7. Thank you for writing this. Yes! I do feel very responsible for others and struggled with feelings of guilt, worrying about my witness and my counsel. Just this month I feel a shift and am reminded of Romans 8:28… There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Still, my heart breaks for those who struggle, especially in my family, and it aches me that I simply cannot control it or change it. But I have to believe Jesus… And I have to listen to his will. I’ve been listening yo “background” by Lacrae and just feel humbled humbled humbled and don’t want to get in anyone’s way of knowing Jesus.

  8. I too have wondered about these statements and cannot bring myself to be willing to forgo my salvation for the sake of others. Laying down my life on earth – THAT I am willing to do, and ask for the grace to do, as it makes sense to me, though it is still not always easy. Eternal life – no. God willing we will come to understand what exactly they meant by those statements… Great post, thanks for sharing.

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