A return to the beginning

image from darrellcreswell.wordpress.com

image from darrellcreswell.wordpress.com

In the beginning, this blog was very narrowly focused on a niche: encouraging pastors and leaders to pray for finances for their ministry. But as I interacted with the blogging community, I was drawn into reaching out with non-thematically related posts.

I believe I will be returning to the Mustard Seed Budget theme. I believe I will start pioneering a church again. So praying for finances to cover costs will start to figure large in my life again.

Everyone loves Psalm 23. But I was struck just now how it basically starts with finances: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. God will take economic care of his people.

Since returning four years ago from the mission field (where I was almost 16 years), my wife and I have done a lot to try to re-establish ourselves in the States. The transition has not been easy. We started with no money. Thank God for a nearby church that gave us food right when we had none.

Isn’t it interesting that this famous Psalm, which many recite for consolation, starts with finances? That shows how important is God’s care of us!

Actually, the Psalm also ends with a promise of financial blessing: Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all my days. The verb pursue is used everywhere else in the Old Testament to refer to an army in pursuit of a retreating enemy. David is saying that he WON’T be pursued by soldiers, debt, problems. He WILL be pursued by goodness and mercy.

12 responses to “A return to the beginning

  1. Blessings on you. I will be praying.

  2. Halleluja and Amen to this article.

    God himself care for us.

  3. Brother,

    Praise The Lord for your new endeavor for The Lord.
    Surely The Lord will help you.
    Surely The Lord will lead you.
    Surely The Lord will meet every need.
    Surely The Lord will give you fulfillment in your new work for Him.
    Surely the harvest is ripe and the laborers are few.
    Surely He is everything you will ever need or desire.

    Just as surely I appreciate the encouragement you leave on my blog.

  4. Interesting take. Financial responsibility is important. But is financial want truly a bad thing? It is only in the sense when we do not seek or knock. But can it (23) also mean the care and love and provision of God for our needs? No. I am not saying good money is a bad thing. Isn’t it a matter of stewardship? May God Bless your endeavor to blog faithfully financial stewardship.

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