What are YOU doing with the ball? Pass it to…

luis suarez 2

Defeating England, Luis Suarez hammers a ball in. I don’t own the rights to this photo, and I’m not making any money on it.

Give him a ball in front of the net, and Luis Suarez makes the goal.

Actually, two of them. The Uruguayan ace headed one goal and slammed home a second to oust England, the vaunted authors of modern soccer, out of the World Cup this past week. The highest goal-scorer in the English Premier League this season, seemingly doesn’t fail.


What a smile! I don’t own the rights to this photo, and I’m not making any money on it.

Not every forward is a sharp-shooter of this caliber. Most are about 50%. Suarez does it all. He’s fast. He possesses a potent kick. He’s physical. He utilizes creative play. He maintains possession. He’s got my vote for best striker worldwide. Get a ball to him anywhere near the area, and it’s an assured goal.

If you like winning, you’ll want to have Suarez Jesus on your team. In fact, many Christians are losing the game. Why? Because they have possession of the ball.


Passing the ball to Jesus is called prayer.

12 responses to “What are YOU doing with the ball? Pass it to…

  1. This is so good .. thank you for the messages you keep passing on to us! God bless!

  2. Excellent analogy!

  3. Best new definition of prayer I’ve seen in awhile. Thanks.

  4. Germany is still in! 🙂 yay

  5. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day and commented:
    Do you have World Cup Fever? Well I do, and I loved this analogy so much I’m sharing it with all of my readers. Don’t keep the ball people; pass it on to Jesus and let Him take all of your shots because HE WON’T MISS THE GOAL …EVER 🙂

  6. Loved this so much I reblogged it (and especially since I’ve developed the World Cup Fever as well). Thanks for sharing this very timely word which I so needed. Goal!

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