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Vampires and dirty tricksters: What the World Cup teaches about the Bible

vampire luis suarez back at it

Luis Suarez acts like he’s been hurt after clamping down on an opponent’s shoulder.

I’m not crying over Italy’s elimination from the World Cup.

Yes, I know. It’s unthinkable that this 4-time World Cup champion should be dismissed in such a humiliating fashion, from the early stages. Yes, I know. Vampire Luis Suarez bit an Italian (it’s the third time he’s committed such a disgrace!) as the Uruguayans triumphed. Yes, it’s disgusting that the Italians should go down to unsportsmanlike, ignominious opponents.

Vampire luis suarez again

The unmistakeable mark of a vampire bite. The ref didn’t see it, but FIFA must punish the perpetrator. I don’t own the rights to the photo, and I’m not making any money on it.

But I remember the 2006 World Cup when Italy won, NOT by superior play, but by dirty tricks. On a corner kick, defender Marco Materazzi clutched Zinedine Zidane’s jersey on a corner. Knowing the foul went unseen by refs, Zidane told him sarcastically: “If you want my jersey so badly, I’ll give it to you after the game.” (Players often interchange jerseys as a memento of the game).

Materazzi retorted: “I’d rather have your sister.”

Zidane turned and head-butted Materazzi, who fell to the ground, howling with sham pain.

This did get the ref’s attention, who sent Zidane straight off the field with a red card. Without knowing the exchange for words, the French players were shaken. With nerves rattled, France faltered, and Italy won the penalty shoot-out. Not by default, but by insult.

All Italy’s subsequent bragging sounded hollow. So now a dirty trickster strikes back, and it’s Italy’s turn to suffer. May they reflect on the sins of previous generations. May they learn that what goes around comes around.

Secularists try to dismiss the Bible as a bunch of fairy tales. And yet its law governs the universe. People now call it karma, which is a misnomer from Hinduism. Really it’s what Galations 6:7 says: Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

I encourage to sow good seed: kindness, love, compassion, comprehension, friendliness, selflessness. It will come back to you.