Why I teach at Lighthouse

Only one minute video. No further words needed. This is what we strive untiringly to do.

15 responses to “Why I teach at Lighthouse

  1. I love being an educator, & I can tell you do too!

  2. Excellent post.Educators are super stars.l teach Arabic Arabic Language.Regards

  3. Having taught in both Christian schools and public schools I prefer a well-run Christian school. Unfortunately, the paycheck is better in the public school.

    • Yes indeed. I’m teaching in exchange for free tuition for my kids! Good to hear from you again! Thanks for the comment!

      • I did the same: librarian, PE teacher. When all three went to school I had to switch over to a “real” job. I consider teaching at a public high school my mission field. The problem is my own walk gets a bit tainted over time. Is this why they said missionaries on home leave–to rest up and get their prayer batteries recharged? ๐Ÿ˜Š
        I always appreciate your uplifting messages.

        • I always asked God to take me home before I completely burned out. It seems like I was always running the edge of burnout. But I could never tell. There’s no flashing red light to say: ok now you’re burning out.

          In any case, God allowed some criminals to attack us, and I had good reason they would next kidnap. so i figured it was God’s dramatic way of saying to return. The first year all I wanted to do was rest and listen to the Word preached. Now, four years later, I’m champing at the bit for ministry again. I appreciate your prayers.

  4. Thanks for the camp out the other day! You pushed my stats up for the highest likes in one day ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Blue Skies,
    C. Muse

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