They call him Messiah

sad messiLionel Messi doesn’t talk trash, boast, swag in front of media. He won the most prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or four consecutive years (2009-12) — the only player to ever do so. He is consistently called the best on the planet.

When the Argentine takes to the field, it is assumed he will make the difference. He will win break the deadlock, befuddle defenders with bursts of speed and magic from his feet. Among those who idolize football, he is called Messiah, a pun on his last name.

But Messi found out he is NOT the Messiah at the World Cup final. Unlike Maradona and Pele, he was unable to carry his team to victory over the German squad. (They aren’t messiahs either, but Maradona thinks he is.)

messi fail

With the German keeper, who won best goalie.

It was evident that Messi found no flavor in winning the Golden Ball for best player. It was said that the only trophy missing from his cabinet was the World Cup, and he returned home without it. When he had chances to score, he struck wide (uncharacteristically).

In a classy display of good sportsmanship, German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger tried to encourage Messi, who looked rigid and uncomfortable listening to him. Maybe he was trying to keep from crying.

messi schweisteiger

Messi and Schweinsteiger

It is a good moment when we humans realize we are NOT God. There is a God who loves you and wants to bless you, but the whole universe doesn’t center around you. We are the creation of God, not the other way around. We need to praise Him, and not receive the praise of man. If you don’t believe in God, then naturally, you are your own god. Enjoy the destiny you bring yourself. You are cheating yourself of the destiny God wants to give you (Heaven, for example).

I feel bad for Messi because he’s generally such a humble (and talented) guy. I also want to pray for him to get to know the true Messiah.

11 responses to “They call him Messiah

  1. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. Even this almost perfect soccer player is still imperfect in so many ways. There is only one perfect one, and that is the true Messiah πŸ™‚

  2. Well said. This world often ignores the qualities that matter. Messi, James Rodriguez, and Radamel Falcao are talented soccer players who are very humble, yet this world pays attention to other things.

  3. Joe: Great observation! Many blessings!

  4. Hello:
    Thank you for all that you do for those with so much need.
    I have recently written 2 postings that I feel may be of some value to you.
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  5. Five stars for this post πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day and commented:
    I was torn; I didn’t know if to back Argentina (I am a “Messi” fan) or support Germany (the team which had played better games for the entire World Cup). I ended up siding with Messi but it wasn’t his best game by far.
    As we wind down after weeks of being involved in the drama and excitement of the World Cup, I continue to marvel at the exhorbitant sums of money being paid to popular players. It’s like one man is getting all that money? For playing football? Seriously? But we reap what we sow, even though we know it’s not wise to idolize men aka mere human beings. I think that’s why it was good to come across this post which does an excellent job of reminding us that no matter how good or super fancy a footballer may play, there is still only one God – and ever will be.

  7. You are very right brother. The time has come for us to realise that no matter how the world sing the song of praise for someone, God has the final say. Messi is a very good player who donΒ΄t normally miss that opportunity he missed during the world cup final with Germans but God has the final say who will carry the trophey. The blessing and favor of God does not depend on how perfect we are, how bright we are, how intelligent we are, how rich we are but rather by His grace. Thank you brother for sharing such an interesting post. More of His blessing for you, yours and ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

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