The miracle band

We didn’t have money to buy instruments. But God raised up finances through the sale of candies (!). We didn’t have know-how to teach the kids to play them. But God sent us a trained band leader, who free-of-charge offered his service.

I stood in awe of what God did. The instruments came out of nothing. This man, patiently and expertly, taught each kid and then the group to coordinate. We got into the Guatemalan Independence Day parade and on national television with the message of Christ that first year, and we’ve been there ever since.

This video, which was taken of a practice run, is a bit rough around the edges. But I can’t help but feel warmed with joy to see what God does. I can still praise God. When He does something, our best efforts pale by comparison. The Liceo Bilingue La Puerta continues to glorify God.

14 responses to “The miracle band

  1. Creativity and commitment can bless a people as your mission has done. Fun and exciting to read about.

  2. What an awesome reminder of what God can do!

  3. Brother, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the Lords victories with us. The old chorus says, “my God can do anything, anything, my God can do anything… “. Thank you for the recent likes on my blog.

  4. Having played the clarinet since the 4th grade, and in many bands after that, (including being 1st chair clarinet in the 25th Infantry Division Band) I can certainly appreciate the miraculous nature of what God did!

  5. That’s just super 🙂

  6. We didn’t have money to buy instruments. But God raised up finances through the sale of candies (!).

    Please post a photo of God selling candies.

    • ummm. WE sold the candies, which in Guatemala go for dirt cheap. GOD raised up an impossible sum of money out this less-than-promising fund raiser. Sorry for the poor grammar. Promising in the future to improve my syntax, God will help me with this blog. LOL!

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