It took decades…

patienceIt took decades for Abraham… to finally have a child. He was 100. Sarah was 90.

It took decades for Moses… to deliver the Israelites. He was 40 when he flopped. He didn´t want to have anything to do with it when God came around and offered him the job again when he was 80.

It took decades for Joseph to get out slavery/jail and realize God’s promised destiny.

It took decades for the Temple to be built, decades for the Israelites to be freed from captivity, decades for the Messiah to come, decades for Christianity to come out of persecution.

God never is in a hurry.

I guess I can still wait on His timing.

9 responses to “It took decades…

  1. Good point…and challenging!

  2. Well, I’ve been ministering in Omura for 33 years now…

  3. We always need a reminder don’t we. I really appreciated this timely post.

  4. Reblogged this on Michael Gurley and commented:
    Why do we always hurry to accomplishment ?

  5. Lölee Photography

    I have been thinking about this subject in the last couple of weeks and reading you makes me feel like having answers from heaven, conforting me and confirming that all I need is to be patient and to trust Him is behind all this. Thank you for sharing!

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