Old guys rock with God

old manFirst, an post-menopausal woman gets pregnant, even though her old husband doubts angel Gabriel’s announcement. Then an old prophet comes up to see the baby Jesus. Another elderly lady, a prayer warrior constantly in the temple, also coos over Jesus in Luke’s gospel.

The old guys ushered in the Age of Aquarius — I mean, of the marvelous Age of Grace. The old guys heralded it, waited for it, saw its dawning. God used the old guys.

They weren’t dumped in a retirement home. They weren’t mocked for old people habits. Maybe they talked incessantly of the “good old days.” Maybe the complained about new-fangled devices. Maybe they had their senior moments.

Regardless, God used them. And He wants to use you.

It’s fabulous that new generation of leaders rise in the church. But let’s not marginalize the older generation.

Oh, I forgot (!). In the interest of self-disclosure, I’m 47. And I don’t want to be excluded from whatever God is doing.

9 responses to “Old guys rock with God

  1. gospelofbarney

    Nothing has inspired me more than the “Faith of our Fathers,” grandfathers and grandmothers too!

  2. Love it. We should love and appreciate the older loved ones. They provide us with so much wisdom and wonderful historical stories.

  3. Neither do I want to be excluded from whatever God is doing! Great post!! 🙂

  4. Since I turn 66 next month, thank you!

  5. In July I had my 67th birthday. There are some who expect us older ones to gravitate to the rear and sit out our remaining years in silence. No. Not ready for that yet. Never will be, God willing.

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