No one listens to me

Does God listenWhat do you mean no one wants to listen to you?

I have been waiting for years for you to talk to Me.


15 responses to “No one listens to me

  1. Thank you Ese’s voice for the pic.

  2. Oh, this is a good one! :). Thanks!

  3. Powerful. 😀

  4. God listens and hears us too.

  5. It is a powerful picture, but please let’s not forget that there are those so wounded they feel unworthy to talk with God

  6. God is always more willing to listen then we are willing to pray!

  7. I hope i’m not intruding too much – i found your blog through your comment on SilenceofMind’s blog and thought i’d peruse your site.

    It is a nice picture and a nice message, but I cant help but think, “god wont talk back.”

    I heard a preacher once say that you can’t count on your friends, but that jesus would never let you down. He gave the example of breaking down on the side of the road, and said that if he called his buddy john, john may not be able to help, or willing to help, and that’s if he even answered the phone… but jesus would always be there.

    That seemed sort of funny to me since jesus, if he actually answered your all, would ever talk, or show up and help you change a tire… And even if john couldnt help every time your car breaks down, i imagine he’d be able to help more often than jesus would…

    Do you suppose that some people may not speak to god simply because they dont think he’s there?

    can religion be like the children’s story, “the emperor’s new clothes,” in that implications, peer pressure, fear, etc motivate people to go along without deeper questioning?

    And I do not mean to be rude or derogatory – not at all. I ask your thoughts out of curiosity. When i left being a believer (devout), I looked back on my life inside and realized that many of those issues did have an affect on me and I think prevented my departure from taking place earlier on.

    • Dear William, thank you for sharing here. your thoughts and opinions are welcome here. i respect everybody’s opinions and request that everybody avoid profanity and respect the other side. It hurts me most to see my fellow Christians adopt a haughty attitude when dealing with unbelievers. None of your thoughts, searchings, doubtings trouble me in the least, and I support you as a person who’s trying to be sincere and genuine with himself in questioning. I’m glad you’re questioning even the existence of God. I encourage you to keep questioning. You raise great questions here. Keep on going. Yours kindly, Mike

  8. and thank you for your gracious reply.

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