To forgive others is to become a Christian

Even unbelievers admire Jesus. From the excruciating agony of the cross, he uttered these words about his crucifiers: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

It is another testament to the veracity of the crucifixion story. That unschooled fishermen could concoct such a counter-intuitive and unnatural denoument is the more unbelievable story that atheists buy into. Remember Peter’s natural reaction was to cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear to defend his Lord. All of the disciples expected Jesus to throw off the hated Roman domination and set up an earthly kingdom to the style of David. That things worked out completely so unexpected attests to the truth of the story.

So Jesus is our example of forgiving. I believe we become Christians when we forgive. And when we become Christians, as the years pass, we — I — need to continue to forgive. It is never easy, whether the offense be small or big. Especially as the offense gets bigger. I’m not trying to be glib. It may be an internal struggle requiring all of our effort, this difficult task of forgiving.

No, I’m not throwing stones at people struggling with forgiveness. Really, I’m trying to encourage you to continue trying to forgive.

10 responses to “To forgive others is to become a Christian

  1. I just read another blog about forgiving. It’s on the reader before yours. I said then and I’ll say now, there is a sweet relief to the forgiver who forgives.

  2. Jesus was clear that there’s no forgiveness without forgiving. That’s something you don’t hear from many pulpits!

  3. Wonderful. I struggle with forgiving certain people in my life, but I think mostly, with forgiving myself. I’m learning it takes daily surrender and staying focused on the cross. He came to bear it all. Still, it often pains me that perfection is so elusive this side of heaven, unattainable really. But His grace is certainly perfect.

  4. God Bless you and the wisdom you have been given to share 🙂

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