rebuild your life

Do you know what city this is?

It’s Hiroshima.

I was blindsided. We host international students in our home and got one from Hiroshima. Honestly, I had heard so much about the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and the controversial question of use of nuclear weapons that I never learned anything about the reconstruction of the city. In the abyss of my mind, vaguely I assumed that it was never rebuilt. The wasteland was so contaminated with radiation that no one ever dared to get within 50 miles of it.

Hiroshima after the atomic bomb leveled the city and ended the war with Japana. from Wikipedia

When I asked my new Japanese student where he was from, I was dumbfounded by his simple answer: Hiroshima. Next, I had a stupid thought: he didn’t look like a nuclear fallout victim. Then I peppered him with questions. I asked for pictures. I looked it up.

The oleander was named the official flower of the city because it was the first to bloom after the devastation of the atomic bomb. In a desperate attempt to defeat the Japanese in World War II, the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. It killed 80,000 people and leveled 70% of the city. Subsequent radiation and injury killed another 40,000 by the end.

In 1949, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law funded the reconstruction of the city. Life would return to normal.

It’s no matter how destroyed your life (family, finances, whatever) is (by sin). You can rebuild.

12 responses to “Rebuild

  1. Wow…..very enlightening. And I love how you tied it in to no matter how destroyed we are, there’s always hope in Christ. Beautiful picture, too! Makes me want to have a spa day….which is something I’ve never done.

  2. Really interesting Post. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve learned a lot – also how a life can be rebuilt by the Maker!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this!

  4. It amazes me how human being can create the most beautiful pieces of art, of architecture and all that, yet also bring so much destruction. We are truly complex and created beings, created, made by a higher source and not an accident of the universe.

  5. RandomlyWalloping


  6. I live in Nagasaki Prefecture, about 45 minutes from the city that got the 2nd A-bomb, so I can certainly relate. I can also say that whereas some have indeed gone on to be strengthened, some have made an industry of being victims, and that helps no one. When God rebuilds, we are not to dwell on what we were, but on who He is in us, now and for eternity.

  7. I can really identify with that. I recently visited Ethiopia. Most of the images we remember of that country are of the famine years ago. We imagine a dusty dry land. While Ethiopia still requires a lot of development, it is certainly not the country most people imagine.

  8. Amazing, as it hadn’t ever really thought about reconstruction in these two cities either. But it’s a great thought that, with our lives in God’s hands and through his help, rebuilding is always possible! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I thought Hiroshima was quite similar to melbourne Australia. The river and boulevards were lovely.

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