My son, at 16, is working for NASA

LCA student works for NASA

In the background, Rob Ashcraft participates in some hands-on work with NASA.

No kidding! No, he’s not a child prodigy. It’s simply a story how if you stay where God has planted you and remain faithful, He’ll bring big opportunities to you. Read the full story.

Rob made a wise but hard decision to give up summer fun for a pre-calculus class. He wanted to be an engineer, so he wanted a jump on math. It turns out the teacher, a member in our church, was working on NASA’s antenna for the 2020 Mars rover (yes, they’re still looking for life up there). Eventually, he invited Rob to see the practical applications of the math he was working on.

What an opportunity! To work on a NASA project! Being exposed to greatness doesn’t make you great, but it sure gives you the chance to aim for greatness. See also.

16 responses to “My son, at 16, is working for NASA

  1. That is absolutely awesome and I bet you are so proud of him

  2. How wonderful! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! A former member of this church works for NASA, or actually for the contractor who is responsible for the toilet systems on the ISS. Yep, he’s a high tech plumber!

  4. That’s amazing! It’s always marvelous to see what the Lord can do, and often the things we least expect.

  5. That’s great! The nation has lost it’s passsion for discovery. So glad there is still that thrill in a youg person.

  6. This is amazing. Need to open the doors God gives us and see the opportunities behind it.

  7. Awesome. The sky’s the limit (pun intended), but with God there are no limits. Off to a great start!

  8. So glad for the sweet blessing for your son.

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