Revolutionize your life (one small decision at a time)

revolutionize your lifeThis world is mean. If you obtain bad results, it criticizes you virulently. It casts you off.

But if you start to get a victory — a small victory — nobody says anything. So you may need to congratulate yourself for every small good thing you do:

  • you passed up the donut
  • you didn’t yell at your wife
  • you turned off the television and did something productive
  • you didn’t take a swig of alcohol.

Since no one is taking the time to pat you on the back, let this blog be your congratulations! Woo-hoo! I’m impressed for you! Keep it up, and soon, no one will recognize you. Your critics will fade away. You’re on the road to success.

7 responses to “Revolutionize your life (one small decision at a time)

  1. Good advice. Beautiful message on the photo too.

  2. Loved this! Thanks! I read something about success this morning . . . “Success is the result of work done in peace.” From God Calling. 🙂

  3. An important message for a number of people I work with.

  4. Just what I needed today as I embark on a serious effort to cut the fat down. I passed up the donut. Yay, me 🙂

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