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It was the first sin, both in Heaven and on Earth.

It was what made Lucifer think he could replace God in a Zeus-like bid for power. Instead, he fell to Earth and became Satan.

It was what motivated Adam and Eve to transgress.

When he tempted Jesus, he made unsuccessful use of pride to get our Savior to stop being sinless.

Because of it:

  • We don’t forgive.
  • We don’t ask for forgiveness.
  • We pay attention to comparisons.
  • We don’t mind putting down another person.
  • Our families fall apart, our kids get lost.

It is the sneakiest temptation because when we have conquered most other temptations, we feel proud of ourselves.

It is the most human of condition. It doesn’t afflict only the rich. The poor, too, are proud. Not only the beautiful are caught in its ways.

We lie because of it.

13 responses to “Pride

  1. How right are your words!

  2. AMEN! Pride has been my biggest stumbling block.

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  5. And it’s so sneaky, always creeping into things. Thank you for exposing it for what it is!

  6. I love these reminders you have made. Thankyou

  7. Dumon Coleman – Nice, I like this!

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