The Israelites were five-star complainers. God freed them from 400 years of slavery. He brought them through the Red Sea. He gave them the gold of the Egyptians.

For nothing were they grateful. They b–ched about too hot, too cold, hungry, don’t like this, thirsty, etc., etc., etc. And they kept saying the unthinkable: It would have been better for us to stay in Egypt.

REALLY??? Remaining under heavy oppression is better than freedom?

Complaining is poison to your marriage, poison to your family, poison to your church, poison to your life. It steals your joy. It derives from a sick sense of entitlement (“I deserve better.”) Why do we think we deserve better?

Can we just enjoy what we have?

13 responses to “Complaining

  1. I have been working on NOT complaining:)! Love this perspective, very helpful!

  2. A HUGE Amen! to this one!

  3. I’m so posting this on Instagram.

  4. Well said, so true.
    Some people would rather stay in their small painful world, than face the challenge of change.

  5. Thank you for pointing out how poisonous complaining is! It is always a red flag to me when I hear it coming out of my mouth or running around in my head!

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