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Ultimately, the chosen became the rejected. Saul was too rash, too unthinking, too disposed to decisions based on convenience, not correctness. Thus the king lost his kingdom.

When commanded by God to destroy all the riches of the Amalekites, Saul let himself be swayed by the people’s cravings for plunder.

When he was supposed to wait for Samuel to offer sacrifice, Saul unwisely performed priestly duties that didn’t correspond to him.

God revoked Saul’s kingship and gave it to David.

When you are young and immortal (tongue in cheek), you are prone to imprudence. As you grow older, (hopefully) you grow wiser. It’s a good thing to grow out of — if you live through the stupid stunt stage.

9 responses to “Recklessness

  1. Gosh my stomach turned to jelly just looking at this! I have vertigo mind you. Even so there is wisdom in what you say. I pray that the young will use their ‘fearlessness’ for faith in God. God Bless jacqui x

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  3. I did a study comparing and contrasting Saul and David. Saul did a few things in his reign that jump out at you as rash and undisciplined. Even though David was by no means perfect, it was his heart at the end of the day that elevated him from the wrongs that Saul couldn’t escape.

  4. Maybe should not lose our recklessness but apply it to charity instead.

  5. Just seeing that picture makes me nervous…I’m afraid of heights

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