Self Preservation

self preservationNatural instinct propels you to fight or flight, to keep your neck above all else.

This is what Esther did. Her uncle was asking her to risk everything to save her people, the Jews, who were decreed death in a rash issue of legislation from a despot. Her knee-jerk reaction: But I could die if I dare to approach the emperor unbeckoned.

Unlike animals, humans can sacrifice themselves for others. A soldier throws himself on a hand grenade to save his buddies. Jesus throws himself onto the cross to save all humanity. The missionary throws himself into the mission field risking Ebola infection.

At some point, looking out for #1 becomes sin.

For some, thrills-seeking is an adrenaline rush, to have brushed with death and escaped unscathed.

A Christian is not called to dare-devil. But he IS called to sacrifice up to his finances, time and even life in order to reach others with the Gospel. To renege is sin.

6 responses to “Self Preservation

  1. 😉 It’s been a long time since I visited your page,,, God Bless always…

  2. Uh I hate to correct someone I don’t comment on often, but you mean instinct instead of extinct.

  3. I agree that at some point thinking only of ourselves if sin. On the other side, I also think that ONLY thinking of others and never taking care of ourselves might also be sin.

    As for as the misspelling, we all do it, don’t we? Like you I sometimes make mistakes which is why I always use the spellchecker. Of course, that wouldn’t have caught your error anyway.

    Good post, and God bless

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