Seedless Christians?

seedless ChristiansSeedless watermelons have been engineered so that you don’t have to spit. You can devour sweet, wet, red fruit without the hassle of separating out the seeds. Scientists have also genetically engineered seedless grapes, bananas, oranges, lemons, tomatoes. They are a contradiction in terms because fruit is defined by the seeds they carry.

So too, the Christian is defined by the seed s/he carries, seeds of evangelism, seeds of change, seeds of revolution. A seedless Christian is one who remains continually unmotivated to do much for Christ. He is inwardly focused, self-centered and immature.

Seedless fruits were altered to make the fruit more palatable to the eater. If you are a seedless Christian, you are more palatable — to the devil.

The good news is, of course, that we can pray to become full of seeds. We can begin to aim our lives in a new direction and do the things which Christ has called us to do. A Christian, by definition, saves others from their sins also.


41 responses to “Seedless Christians?

  1. I am afraid I have to agree with you in your analogy of todays Christians. Some 80% are seedless and ill-equipped to do God’s work. Many use the excuse “I don’t have the time;” yet, time is of the essence.

    People have precious, little time to write their personal testimonials as witness to God’s grace upon them; yet they copy writings which, in most cases, are rhetoric at best. People can read their should be encouraged to do so. In the mean time people in jails, nursing homes and hospitals await someone to come and plant seeds in their own lives. And, someone to come to water them and to harvest. If not for planting then go to show compassion to those who are lonely; it’s called compass; a seed planting technique of which Christ was filled with. He had it for us all.

  2. It is very true many becomes christian only by their baptism not by their actions and words

  3. Seedless fruit always taste bland.

  4. Thank for that very much as if anyone who reads my blog sees my son is in prison, I asked for letters. Who has he received them from other than I? I know Love within his heart. Your words are very comforting.

  5. Love the analogy. Blessings to you.

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    No seeds, no new fruit!

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    We all have to live up our potential to bring, create the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

  8. jacqui aka shofargirl

    Just loved this! Amazing illustration and oh so true! God Bless xx

  9. So many times people are afraid to share God’s Word, because they fear they may be wrong, be judged, or ill-prepared. It’s really all about telling people what you know to be true — and displaying the fruits of our faith through our words and actions. That’s seed planting and seed bearing.

  10. Very good devotional; very good word picture: May Christians not be seedless Watermelons

  11. It is also what Revelations says about being the “Lukewarm” of the church. Their fruit will not be in heaven.

  12. Matthew 7:16, “You will know them by their fruit. Grapes aren’t gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles, are they?” There is so many comparisons to seeds in the Word of God and the importance of planting them in one another. If a Christian becomes altered as to not have the seeds to plant then what will the sow?…Nothing.

  13. I bow my head in quiet pray and see my faults against others. My seeds are many that are spit out for the watermelon I ate was full. Where they fall I do not know for it is the heart of others who are of fertile soil. I give my thanks each and everyday as I see change bloom in another souls heart. Thank You Mr. Mustard Seed, Pastor Ashcroft for your continued support. Jesus home in all our hearts.

  14. Meaningful analogy. From Garden of Eden to spreading seeds of Christ.

  15. Seeds are a must for further germination of fruit and similar is with any religion. Very thought provoking writeup.

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