Put to use your resources today

resources for GodThey received a stern command. They were NOT to store manna for the next day. Nevertheless, some Israelites disobeyed, and the delightful food provided by God on one day was completely filled with maggots the next.

Herein lies a great Biblical truth. God has given you resources — money, talent, time, energy. Use it for God today. Don’t hold over for tomorrow because you might not get the chance. It might rot.

Too many Christians plan to give to God at some future date, whether their service or their offerings. Stop putting it off. Do it today. The suffering masses of humanity need to be reached today with the Good News. The need is not going to be more acute or chronic tomorrow (it will if you don’t give today what God has called you to give).

6 responses to “Put to use your resources today

  1. This message keeps coming around to me. It was this Sundays reading as well. Hmmm

  2. Very powerful message! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. As I started not long ago a journey unknown to me I began having issues of unwanted creatures in the food in my cabinets no matter what container I used or how tight the lid, when I never had this issue before. I still to this day have not figured out why to my complete satisfaction. I do share my plate, even though many do not come to eat and become nourished. Maybe that’s it I can not feed those who do not come.
    Thanks for your nourishing post, may many be consumed by your words of love.

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