Rapture or rupture

You won’t be scoffing one day (soon).

I’ve studied significantly the theme of the rapture in seminary, and I’m more a believer than ever in it. There’s just no other plausible interpretation of so many texts that talk about it, and it is consistent with the whole Bible (God removed Noah from his judgement).

There’s no need to fear if you fear God, but if you flout Him or defy Him, at least you know you had the chance to make a decision in favor of Christ.

5 responses to “Rapture or rupture

  1. Love your post, living through it is not pleasant, but God provides a place of rest within our heart with Him so Dear. My belief.

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  3. With all the news, there is no doubt we are living in the last hour. I’m reading a end times book by Tim LaHaye that came out a few years ago. Actually, I’m in the third book in the End Series that he wrote with Craig Parshall that in my opinion are much more realistic compared to the Left Behind series. As I’m reading these books I feel as if I see a veil being separated and I’m seeing through to things going on in the darkness that will soon be brought to light. To use another metaphor, like seeing what’s going on behind closed doors. A character in the book asks a pastor, “If I can borrow a baseball metaphor, what inning would you say we’re in?” He replies, “We’re in the extra innings.” Loved that answer! Name of the first book is Edge of Apocalypse. These books did not reach the same popularity as the Left Behind series, but I think they are better.

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