Going on 24 years of marriage

marriage anniversaryIt’s one thing for young pups in love to send each other “forever” memes. We need to see older mature (?) married couples still in love. My wife and I celebrate 24 years this month. Praise God! It is not always easy but always worth it to work on it instead of throwing it away. My kids agree too.

71 responses to “Going on 24 years of marriage

  1. So true in this throwaway society! My hubby and I will celebrate 45 years next month. (I know, we both look younger, πŸ™‚ ) We’re still best friends and my eyes still light up whenever he walks into a room. Our secret is laughter and God being the Joy of our existence. With Him as our anchor we can weather any storm (and there will be storms.) Blessings,

  2. I’m sorry, I meant to say “Congratulations!” in that comment. How rude – first mistake in twenty years . . . πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations, what a blessing!


  4. Hear! Hear! Congratulations!

  5. We hit 45 years in May, and regularly get asked how we have such a good relationship. To God be the glory!

  6. Congratulations! What a testimony!

  7. So true in some cases. Congrats to the both of you.

  8. Congratulations to both of you. “The best thing a dad can do for his children is to love their mother.”(I can’t remember where I heard that quote–but I like it.) Your children are blessed. ❀

  9. Happy anniversary… πŸ™‚

  10. Congratulations! Hope your anniversary is extra special! Today was our 39th and it was sweet and special.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  12. Happy anniversary to you both, yes one needs to work on good relationships but it is well worth it.

  13. Congratulations, and here’s to 25 or more years together, by then we may have infinite possibilities! Many couples are blessed to find the right one to spend the rest of their lives together. I am hoping this will be with you both, never leaving each other’s side, and no worries either!

  14. sometimeisitandthinksometimesisit

    38 for my wife and I

  15. Congratulations! May God bless you to see many more years of togetherness with His love and grace πŸ™‚

  16. that is really sweet….mazel tov!

  17. 24 years ! Congratulations.Most of mine lasted 24 days.

  18. 3 cord strength I +I+ God = Godly Marriage! Glory to God! Congratulations! With God all things are possible in Jesus Name. God bless; many more happy glorious years.

  19. Inspiring. Congratulations πŸ‘

  20. May I add my congratulations too; you’re on your way so keep up the good work. My wife and I celebrated 62 years earlier this month and we’re still having a grand old time.

  21. Amen! Mustard Seed, couldn’t help but think of my recent Anniversary post when I read your above quip: http://mitchteemley.com/2014/09/15/confession-im-in-love-with-another-woman/

  22. 45 for us last June πŸ™‚

  23. Congratulations. We just celebrated our 23rd in August. Not bad for us being 71. I’m her third husband and she’s my fourth wife. We both KNEW we’d never marry again. God laughed and had other plans for us. Part of it was putting both of us in the same AA meeting, one that neither of us normally attended. πŸ™‚

  24. Think its great you have been married 24 yrs !!!
    We are 26 yr last August , it’s been interesting , we keep moving forward .

  25. theauthoroftruth

    That is wonderful. Thank you for the like.

  26. theauthoroftruth

    thanks for the follow

  27. It is a wonderful feeling especially for the one who is celebrating 35+ years of happy marriage! This moving forward speaks volumes of daily experiences; joy of togetherness besides facing challenges that just come.

  28. Congratulations on 24!!! πŸ™‚ It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate, and “Up!” LOVE it SO much!!! πŸ˜€

  29. Congratulations πŸ™‚
    And I tweeted this post.

  30. I may be a little late, but congratulations on your anniversary! Praying many more to come! ~Although, I could just be early to congratulate you on your 25th! πŸ˜‰

  31. Also from me: Congratulations on your Anniversary! And thanks for liking my Post “How to reach your Goal.”

  32. congratulations. you are an encouragement to many.

  33. Congratulations! what a blessing!

  34. dogsrulecatsdrool

    Wishing you a very belated Happy Anniversary. Such very nice comments on your blog.

  35. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a testimony and a great accomplishment.

  36. thank you for the praise, God Bless

  37. We’re doing 35 years. Keep the faith.

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