Now she’s 18, and that’s teaching me about God

Now she's 18,Now that my eldest is 18, I don’t automatically get to spend time with her. I have to ask for time with her. I’m inviting her to coffee.

She’s in college, though still at home. But she has friends, new and old. She has homework. She has a job. It almost seems like she doesn’t have time for Dad.

No longer do I tell her what to do. She’s an adult. I ask her what she’s doing.

I just want to be with her, to listen to her, to joke with her. I don’t want to be shut out of Rebekah’s life. I long to be with her. This is teaching me about God.

God spent the afternoons walking around talking to Adam and Eve. Managing all the affairs of the universe probably took the morning. The afternoons He saved to be with His children. He yearned to spend time with them. This is not religion; it is relationship.

veinte java chip
But Adam and Eve shut out God by sinning.

He still longs to be with us. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are granted access to God, if we want it. Do we have time for Him?

>God is not a bunch of rules — He just wants to share a veinte java chip with you.

15 responses to “Now she’s 18, and that’s teaching me about God


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  3. My daughters are in their 40’s, and I certainly know what you mean! It has helped me have a deeper, more consistent relationship with my Father.

  4. Rebekah is blessed to have you for a Dad.

  5. Agree 300% that our walk with God is more about relationship and less about religion … and you know what? Relationships do involve investing quality time – as the mother of a 16 year old son soon to be 17 in a few weeks – and I admit there is room for improvement where mine with my heavenly Father is concerned. Thanks for this very important reminder 🙂

  6. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old…this makes me emotional thinking about God’s goodness

  7. She is beautiful and you have her ‘rooted’ in Jesus, with her faith she will go far. Praying for you both to stay tied, throughout the many years ahead. A daughter needs a good man, her father on earth and her Father in Heaven! smiles!

  8. You and your wife have reared a lovely young lady.

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