Prepare to prevail

prepare prevail

There’s no monkeying around. If you want to win, you have to work at it. No matter what you do. Don’t practice until you can do something. Practice until you cannot fail at something.

3 responses to “Prepare to prevail

  1. Practice,,that is where the hidden gems of life inhabit, the journey, happiness thrives.
    Practice until you realize results are not even important

    What is permanent is the will, , the ability to take action, the trying is who we are, permanent, what we take with us is the will.


    Being a former professional baseball player, I remember little on the field, the relationships and culture with team mates is all that remains.

    The journey itself I shared more with former enemies, opponents, I see.

    My opponent was more a mirror of myself I see.

    Without his desire and sacrifice we would have no competition, rivalry.

    Wow things are exactly opposite of what I be
    Ieved while being young and playing.

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