Above and beyond expectations

beyond expectationsSlaves were expected to perform grudgingly, only under fear of whipping, so when Joseph showed up whistling at his work, his boss was taken aback. Joseph made all the other slaves look bad because he did more work, did a better job, got things cleaner, cooked better. Whatever task he was assigned, he outdid expectations.

Eventually, Potiphar promoted him to managing director, in charge of his entire household.

As Christians, we should exceed expectations regularly. In our service in church, on outreach in the field, taking care of the needy of the world, we must strive for excellence and not offer a second-best or good-enough “sacrifice with blemish.”

At the end of 13 years of this trial, Joseph went from slave to vice president. God saw his faithfulness and excellent service and promoted him. We can expect good things if we exceed expectations.

7 responses to “Above and beyond expectations

  1. The story of Joseph is one of my favourite Old Testament stories but I actually never considered him going to work whistling or putting in that extra awesome effort which as a result made the other slaves look bad! Yet I understand the important point: as believers the onus is on us to do more, be more, give more – just like Joseph did. I’m ready 🙂

  2. For me, the only way I can exceed expectations is with the help of the Holy Spirit within me. He exceeds all expectations.

  3. Great post! I believe that this is the mindset behind New Testament directions for slaves to work hard for masters. We are to exceed expectations and work as though we are working for the Lord. Awesome stuff.

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