Far gone?

far gone

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Hope your family. Chance to get married. Dismal finances. Failing health. Forgiveness.

You may feel its too far gone. Happy days or wonderful dreams now seem other-worldly.

Such was the case of Jacob. His favorite son, Joseph, disappeared years ago, apparently victim to a savage animal. His other sons brought him proof of the horrid incident: a bloodied garment.

FOURTEEN YEARS later, Joseph surfaces in Egypt. He never was killed. He was sold in slavery. He’s been promoted to prime minister of Egypt. Jacob simply can’t believe his ears. He gave up hope so long ago and resigned himself to bitterness that now he dares not believe the report.

God has a way of bringing back to you impossibly lost days and dreams. That’s why you need to keep believing.

4 responses to “Far gone?

  1. A friend and her husband assumed the pastorate after a man who all but destroyed the church with his scolding even to calling the people “stupid and lazy.” He scattered the flock, some went to other churches, some quit going to church at all. A few faithful ones hung on, but were sorely demoralized.

    One sister, was so wounded she got to the point of desperation. She thought God had given up on her, and decided to kill herself.

    My friends went by her home several times but no one was home, so they left literature showing they stopped by.

    Praise The Lord, she realized someone did care! The love of the brethren reached her before it was too late!

    There is hope as long as there is life. Jesus never gives up on anyone!
    His love is reaching out to wounded and broken souls. There are no castaways; only wicked lies from the enemy of our souls, saying, we have gone to far, there is no hope. LIES! LIES! From the wicked one. Who did Jesus look for, but those that are lost?

    As you shared, Joseph is an example of dreams coming true, though he was sold into slavery by his brothers and falsely imprisoned.

    I’m sorry this is so lengthy, but this subject is heavily on my heart these days. Too many people has been spiritually abused and think there’s something wrong with them; unfortunately the blood lies on the pulpit.

  2. There are so many examples in the bible for us, when we are ready to give up…. like Joseph, and we don’t think about that when we need it. It is a great story to give encouragement to go on and have hope. And the best bit is that he could see his brothers and father again at the end. How wonderful for both of them!

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