He’s called Comforter

comforter | Holy SpiritIt’s not by chance that the Holy Spirit is called Comforter. He comforts.

Honestly, guys need comforting too! (I googled images for comforting and they were all girls. Not one single guy helping a guy.)

When we go through anguish, when we’re frustrated, when we feel like a failure, the Holy Spirit can comfort us.

He’s like a hug, a word of affirmation, a friend who supports you no matter what.

Many find comfort in liquor. Others in wild living. Still others in money. Some disconnect from harsh realities by T.V. or internet.

7 responses to “He’s called Comforter

  1. I really like the “guys need comforting too” honesty! I think we all have the same needs, but needs them filled in different ways. But you got me thinking; In what way does my husband need comforting… (Since he does not have the Holy Spirit, it’s a bit more tricky).
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this post! Came on a really tough day. It got me through.

  3. “Honestly, guys need comforting too! ”
    So true! Thankful for the Spirit!

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