Hard to love

hard to love

image from truelovedates.com. I don’t own rights to this, and I’m not making any money on it.

Actually, it’s easy to love the Islamic State. What’s hard is to love your spouse.

As Christians, we are ordered to love our enemies. We may be enraged by their atrocities, but we can pray for them to get saved and wish Christianity for them.

The toughest thing is stomaching hurt from a person from whom we expect love. We don’t expect love from the Islamic State. Because we are surprised when a family member (or church family member) rejects us instead of loving us, it’s a rough road.

The lady who blackmailed me by falsely accusing me to the police is easy to love. I never expected anything from her. Her kid was in our school in Guatemala, and, desperate for money, she thought it would be easy to exploit the gringo. Despite her turning my life into a hellish nightmare for nine months, it was easy to forgive her.

But the people I love and expected to receive love from… Help me, Jesus.

9 responses to “Hard to love

  1. Very true. The ones we put our trust in and think they have our back..the ones we give so much to and for–for them to hurt us and repeat that–it is hard to love. 🙂

  2. Thanks for being real.

  3. The closer you dance with your partner, the easier to step on each other’s toes.

    (Lucy Hanson, at the 1983 grad dance with Ric, who found “jumping around” annoying and married Elizabeth – a beautiful and coordinated woman.)

  4. Needed this in light of things this week =)

  5. Poignant, True. Help me, Jesus!

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