Thankful for my son, Robert

With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to say things for which I am thankful to God. My son Robert wants to be an engineer. He plays club soccer, and he plays in worship at the church. What else could a dad want his son to do?

What are you thankful for? I encourage you to blog your gratitude. Let’s infect the web with gratefulness.

8 responses to “Thankful for my son, Robert

  1. “Ungrateful” was one of the worst things Paul could say about someone. After all ingratitude, along with unbelief, kept the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years! Gratitude is perhaps the simplest key to happiness.

  2. I agree that being grateful makes happy and being pleased with simple things. Right now I am grateful for my 2 sons who are supporting me and loving me in simple ways. I am proud of them as you can be proud of your son. I am grateful for this new day which just unfolds….. and so many more things….

  3. Proud Dad
    makes Rob glad.
    He needs your love
    to rise above.
    Life is short
    stay in his court.

  4. I’m thankful you have a presence online of Christian love and testimony

    • yes, amen, that is what the internet needs. it seems we Christians were much slower to realize the potential of the internet, slower than the worldly people. it’s so easy to find the non-Christian worldview, harder to find quality Christian material.

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