You don’t see God?

creationSimply because I’m not a scientist, must I turn off my intelligence that, upon admiring creation, says: Whoa! There must be a Creator?

Of course among biologists most are evolutionists. But among astronomers, there are a number who see Intelligent Design behind the vast order (physical laws) and grandeur of the universe. I am neither. But that doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to ponder such wonders and conclude that the evidence is substantial in favor of God.

Don’t suspend your intelligence: the creation has a Creator.

20 responses to “You don’t see God?

  1. I think that evolutionary processes and God are not as mutually exclusive as some like to believe.

  2. You can’t make something from nothing unless you are the maker. To say there is no creator says a persons mind is very closed to many truths, not just the idea of God. Let’s be open minded, so many things are waiting to be discovered.

  3. I love it, as always your words are just real. Thank you. Love is all that matters. Everything else isn’t without merit, but we can take it or leave it. But not love …

  4. The stupidity of denying a Creator knows no bounds!

  5. The Gospel of Barney

    That was the first cosmonaut in space’s reaction too! He didn’t see God, but Yuri has seen him now!

  6. I have never found evidence God doesn’t exist and I have studied science and know several scientists and they all believe in God too. I also believe in evolution and the big bang 😀 . One doesn’t cancel the other but that is how I see it. God is bigger than any of us can imagine. We want to limit God for some reason. We all belong. 🙂

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