Jesus’ coffee controversy

Jesus coffee

Barista Mike Breach of NY turns lattes into portraits. Photo per I don’t own rights to this photo, and I’m not making any money on it.

To me, the great controversy is NOT why did Jesus turn the water into wine. It’s why didn’t He turn it into coffee?

24 responses to “Jesus’ coffee controversy

  1. The Gospel of Barney

    An artistic barista!

  2. We all need a laugh now and then!

  3. LOL, that was delightful, thank you!

  4. I’ll drink to that. The coffee, I mean.

  5. movingmountains20

    why are you so curious about it not being coffee? elaborate!

  6. Probably because the morning had passed and everyone was in the grind of a wedding feast party atmosphere? For me, I would have loved if they were all a chocolate shake. 😉 btw Thank you for the recent like.

  7. Jesus surely enjoys a laugh when He sees us tear ourselves apart because of little controversies. He does cry too at times when people miss heaven because of such.

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