What’s important…

jimmysbandHe’s a surfer and skater. He rips on a new guitar in a Christian band. He’s homeschooled and has no worries. His T-shirt says it: “No job. No money. No car. But I’m in a band!”

At the end of the day, what’s more important than being in a Christian band? They do concerts to get people saved in parks and churches.

Jimmy can eventually get the job, get the money, get the car. But will he still serve Jesus? Too many Christians become some obsessed with the rat race that they forget to serve Jesus.

4 responses to “What’s important…

  1. Bless his soul. He really has it made.

  2. I think you’re doing it just right my friend, and I wouldn’t change a thing. If the Holy Spirit suddenly comes up with something else for you to do, He knows where to find you. Until then, Christian bands rock! Read you later.

  3. ServingJesusHere

    Love this! Echoes what I was discussing with someone yesterday who didn’t agree with me and we agreed to disagree. It sure reminds me of my post yesterday. Following His Plan for us is the ONLY goal..

    Wonderful job!

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