Giving is good for you

give bloodI always knew that giving blood was good — for others. Frankly, I’m surprised to learn of the health benefits of giving a pint of your 10-11 pints once every two months or so:

  • It reduces risk for heart disease by keep iron levels in check.
  • It lowers cancer risk (again, the iron content).
  • It burns 650 Kcal.
  • You get a free check-up!
  • Do-gooder feeling does a body good.

In eight weeks, your red blood cell count is automatically replenished! Why dont’ more people give?

The truth about giving blood also applies to donating, whether to a charitable organization or a church. Whether you want to save abandoned dogs or abandoned souls (my choice!), giving is good for you.

11 responses to “Giving is good for you

  1. I give every opportunity I have. There’s a vein on the inside of my right elbow that’s quite used to it!

  2. I never knew those facts about giving blood, even though I give whenever it’s “my time.” Being iron deficient sometimes means I can’t give, but I’ve learned how to up my iron intake so that it’s possible more often than not. I’ve learned to be more mindful of what I put in my body just so I can give…. Surely there’s a metaphor in there as well…

  3. Oh I didn’t know it burn so many calories… I am a donor and I am even happier now knowing that……
    When I nearly needed a blood transfusion as a young adult I decided to give and I have never regretted it.
    I agree giving is good!

  4. wow, didn’t know that…You give life and you gain more of it. great.

  5. Wish I could still give, but health issues disallow it.

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