Apathy is not the answer


Turning off your emotions, just because you’ve been disillusioned, solves nothing. We are emotional beings. To try to NOT feel is probably not going to work. There are those who grow bitter, who grow cynical, who numb the pain with drugs, alcohol or another form of hedonism.

Only Jesus will heal your heart.

9 responses to “Apathy is not the answer

  1. The Gospel of Barney

    Apathy is the biggest danger to the Church today! Heated disagreements can be resolved, as both parties are still invested, but when someone just does not care, nothing can happen! Hate is easier to deal with than apathy!

  2. theramblingsofadiscouragedborderline

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    Apathy does not work

  3. Numbness is a huge danger. As Jesus told the church in Ephesus, we need to return to our first love!

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    Great Post! Thank you Mustard Seed Budget!

  5. That’s so true! I’m grateful that Jesus has helped me FEEL! I’m free!

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