Which side of the tapestry

life tapestryIf you look at the backside, there’s a mess of loose threads, and you can’t make anything out. But if you look at the front side, the picture can be so astounding that you could understand why nobility paid a small fortune to hang them in their castles.

Many times, we’re on the backside of the tapestry. God is weaving, but we can’t make anything out. Not until many years later do we see the beauty emerge, when we get on the other side of the tapestry.

15 responses to “Which side of the tapestry

  1. The Gospel of Barney

    Mine is frayed around the edges too!

  2. Several years ago the Holy Spirit told me much of the same thing about how the dark threads, or hard times, enhance the bright beautiful threads, the good times, in the tapestry of our life!

  3. My wife tells me there is a style where both sides are perfect – as humans that will have to be in heaven.

  4. Thank you for encouraging us when things look like a mess yet!

  5. Yesterday I spent the day with my best friend if 30+ years while she was having chemo. She is stage 4. I have been just heartbroken and also at the same time amazed at the courage and small rays of Gods light I saw there . By the time we went home i was seeing the bad parts mostly and your post is what I needed to see today as a reminder of the goodness that is there and most likely will come from all of it.. your post describes the part we can’t see yet. Great post and thank you.

  6. Perhaps we ain’t even looking the backside, but just the profile, seeing only what happened yesterday … ? just a thought 🙂

  7. Since I enjoy embroidery of all types, this word picture resonates with me. Someone once applied it this way: We see the tapestry from the underside, but God sees it from the top. Trust Him.

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