Go ahead, have an affair (with your spouse)

rekindle romanceOnce the rush of falling in love, the anxiety and thrill of finding out its shared, once it’s gone, if you’re human you may be tempted to feel it again.

Go ahead. Just feel it again with your spouse.

I lavished my fiance with 1,000 little details to show her my love. Once she was conquered, I turned my energies to other conquests. I didn’t mean to abruptly turn off the romance. Actually, I thought she would understand. Actually, I thought she would be proud of my next achievements.

Women, it would seem, don’t work that way. After 1,000 signs of affection, they want a steady diet. And that’s sometimes tough for us men to remember. Please try to understand: most men turn into ogres out of ignorance; honest, we’re not con men. It’s just our hardware. Once a trophy is attained, we look for the next trophy: in business, sports, wherever.

Guys, we need to do what we first did when our wives were girlfriends or fiances. Ladies, do the same: those oooo’s and ah’s you rained down on your man, bring them on again. Complaining and b witching won’t get anything good. A couple where both sides refuse to take the initiative to rekindle romance is headed for troubled waters.

So take the initiative: Strike a match. Don’t be surprised if your spouse doesn’t automatically warm up with just one. You may need to strike matches repeatedly before the fire rekindles. Give it time.

15 responses to “Go ahead, have an affair (with your spouse)

  1. Your wife is a luck woman and can be very proud of you. You are so right! Glad you tell the men! 🙂 We do love romance and don’t want it to stop…

  2. After 45 years, my wife and I are still sweethearts! Many who know us are amazed and envious, particularly because they don’t have Christ, who is the foundation of our relationship.

  3. Yes, I took my gut out to dinner last night because he continually helps me out–like taking a bus across town to retrieve my purse and then walking it the rest of the way to school. And he’s got a leg brace on to boot! What a keeper!

  4. Oh dear–that should be guy! Silly autocorrect.

  5. Thank you for encouraging us to keep trying!

  6. Bought my wife a bud vase for 5th Anniversary. Try to keep it filled with a rose, greens, and baby’s breath once a week. Celebrated 33 years this past September. 😉

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