Love does not boast

love does not boastLove puts another first. Pride means me first.

When you are boasting, you are wanting the world to pay attention to you. Love pays attention to another.

Here’s every element of the series:

29 responses to “Love does not boast

  1. There are some people in my world that love me. There are some, the same people, that I love in return. I am proud of both facts. I don’t think that’s the same, is it?

  2. May my boast be only in the Lord Jesus…..
    1 Corinthians 1:31 (AMP)
    31 “So then, as it is written, Let him who boasts and proudly rejoices and glories, boast and proudly rejoice and glory in the Lord.”

  3. Pastor Ashcraft, Can you tell me how to change my life from being a struggling man with a chronic health condition, to a man who fully relies on God, and Whom God leads in Triumph in truth? I have lived in the locks of fear loneliness and rejection and abandonment for almost all of my life! Nevertheless I believe that God has blessed me with writing gifts but not mercy and not love, and not fellowship, because, I seem to be like the proverbial LEPER — crying unclean! Unclean! Unclean! and everyone flee’s!

    • Thanks for reaching out to me. I don’t think there easy fix-its, some cryptic 5-step program tha will reverse a lifetime of a negative outlook. I DO believe the first step is recognizing the problem, which it seems you have done. Then prayer can help. Also not cutting yourself off from the church. An important thing is to keep reaching out to others, or more specifically to find need and help others. Find someone more rejected than yourself and begin ministering to them. If you can’t find someone in your church or neighborhood, try reaching out to someone over the blogs. There are people whose marriages are falling apart. There are youth who are suicidal. There are apt if aching hearts. I believe helping others can be the best way to help yourself. This is what I have tried to do with my own struggles with rejection. I’ll pray for you.

  4. Great quote,
    placed into my good quote file,
    will let you know when I use it. ME

  5. true….love is accepting the weakness the flaws and everything of a person does not count wrongs

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