Jesus brightens families

The photo before I worked on it.

The photo before I worked on it.

Ok, so I’m just a beginner with photoshop. I guess I’m having fun. Maybe I can get a job at Target. They don’t seem to have very good photoshoppers.


I tried to lighten our faces.

Jesus does the best job of bringing light to our families.

22 responses to “Jesus brightens families

  1. Great photo. I like the difference especially. I don’t use Photoshop. Maybe I should. Nice family picture. 🙂

  2. Your work doesn’t seems to be that of a beginner. God’s blessings to you, family and ministry.

  3. Have fun with Photoshop;

  4. Beautiful and hansom family … God Bless

  5. handsome … haste makes waste …

  6. Beautiful Family! God bless you and yours.

  7. As a former professional photographer, as well as photo lab technician, I really appreciate the ease and simplicity of digital manipulation, even if I do still look back with nostalgia on the (good) old days. One of my former occupations has essentially disappeared!

  8. What a beautiful family!

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