Pass the ball

Lighthouse Church School

Some of my beginning players at Lighthouse Church School

My star soccer player lost the ball eight times in Lighthouse Church School‘s middle school loss against Crossroads B. His repeated futile attempts to penetrate towards goal with individual juking runs had me rolling my eyes. If something’s not work, try something else. There were other players open, ready for a pass.

Maybe he didn’t trust the other players. Since he’s the best, his instinct is to keep trying what has worked before. Unconsciously, he’s afraid if he passes, they’ll lose the ball. But Crossroads’ stout defense stopped him every time.

I’m not a demure coach. I yelled for him to pass. And he did pass finally — straight to the opposing goalie. No one was near to make a run on it. I don’t like sarcastic soccer.

Previously, we lost 0-7, but I was happy because everybody tried their best. Yesterday, we lost 0-4, and I was livid because we self-destructed — namely, the best player played the worst.

There is lesson here for the church. You must trust others, depend on others. I don’t care if you are the star player. The church doesn’t work without delegation. If the person fails, keep trusting and passing them the ball. They will learn eventually, and the team will convert into a winning team.

If you’re not going to ever pass me the ball, I’ll stop making runs.

6 responses to “Pass the ball

  1. This is such a good object lesson for me as I seriously struggle with glory- hog syndrome. Some days it is related to my assumption that if I don’t do everything myself, life will fall apart. It’s humbling in those instances to realize that the reason for failure is usually my own fault.

    It also an be frustrating to hear my ideas be repeated back as though they originated with the person with whom I shared them. The Lord has been good to show me that any truth I’ve seen is actually borrowed from Him; so my irritation comes mostly from a prideful desire to be acknowledged and praised for being “smart”. If the wisdom I’ve been able to share is helping another team member to score a goal for Christ’s kingdom, I ought to be cheering him on and trusting God’s promise to reward us all according to His own perfect knowledge.
    Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. It definitely touches an area of my life which needs to be diligently monitored

  2. The Lord Jesus led not by hogging the ball and wanting all the glory and demanding His disciples sit in pews, be quiet, and always look up to Him as a dictator, but by appropriating an organic method, being with them where they were, teaching while sitting down among them, and actively engaging in their development so they could be as great as He was at ministry.

    In short, He led by serving. His desire was to create an all-star team of humble people more concerned with the other’s welfare. In this way, everyone matured and became “perfect” (complete and mature) as He is.


  3. This is STILL a weak spot for me! Let’s pray for one another.

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