He was born to suffer

sufferingSo Jesus can relate to suffering and pain.

In fact, his essential purpose in leaving his kingship in Heaven and condescending to take mortal form was to suffer. And it started with his birth in a filthy stable.

During his life, He alleviated pain everywhere He found it. Blind eyes were opened. Condemned prostitutes were forgiven. Tax collectors escaped a life of being despised by others. The demon-oppressed were freed.

Then he died excruciatingly.

If Christmas conjures magical feelings of family and beauty, let us never forget its underpinnings are the Son of God coming to help the helpless, the defend the defenseless, to redeemed the scum of society, to sanctify the sinner and prick the self-righteous to reflection.

He feels your pain. He came to take the pain away.

Photo from soulation org

12 responses to “He was born to suffer

  1. Most would avoid suffering Where Christ embraced it for our sake!

  2. After all, the very word, excruciating, means “the pain of being crucified.” We usually use it too lightly!

  3. I am so glad Jesus did come, but it is sad to know that He had to. Merry CHRISTmas.

  4. Thank you for writing such powerful-yet-compact posts! I’ve been pinning many of them! 🙂 ♥ ❤

  5. Amen..Beautifully written..

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