Loneliness at Christmas

loneliness Christmas

Even surrounded by family, you can feel incredibly lonely.

Jesus’ parents lacked a friend’s house to crash on the couch. In a filthy stable, Joseph provided for Mary to give birth to their first son. Jesus was born in loneliness.

He’s with you now in a very special way. The times I’ve been loneliest have also been times that I’ve had the sweetest communion with God. With tears in my eyes, I lifted my heart to the Lord.

Those were beautiful moments.

7 responses to “Loneliness at Christmas

  1. Bless you Brother and I hope this Christmas is extra special for you and your family.

  2. Christmas is statistically a peak in suicides for this very reason. It’s very easy to get caught up in I-my-me-mine and overlook those around us who are in emotional pain. May all who read this excellent blog be instruments of the Lord’s grace and love to those around them, family and otherwise.

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