Lazarus: If Jesus hadn’t specified…

lazarusThe reason why Jesus specified “Lazarus” before giving the command to resurrect is otherwise the whole cemetery would have risen from the dead.

That would have been impressive! But no all the resurrected would have had relatives to cut off their grave clothes and feed them. It was best to keep things simple.

4 responses to “Lazarus: If Jesus hadn’t specified…

  1. The Lazarus story leads me to believe that the resurrection of Jesus is a unique event in the Christian faith. But when we turn to Christ and accept His invitation a resurrection of sorts is available to each of us in this life as we become renewed by the Light of the Holy Spirit. .

  2. I love the imagery! I can just imagine the confusion. God always does things right, whether that fits our ideas or not.

  3. This was funny but probably true. Thanks for the smile (and keeping things somewhat real).

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