Marriage, worth fighting for

marriagePeggy in our church is 94 years old. A Christian, she married under the illusion of naivete. Once in wedlock, her husband, a drinker, threatened her not to go to church. She felt the Holy Spirit nudge her to obey. For 20 years, she skipped church but never left God.

After that period, the rough-living husband accepted Jesus on his deathbed, and Peggy went back to church. In fact, she’s something of a heroine, a pillar at the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica, the longest-attending member and practically the historian.

Today the story is stirring, but back then there was plenty of pain. What Peggy did, few would, especially today when marriage is esteemed about as much as disposable diapers. People chuck it when it gets poopy.

My generation has much to learn from Peggy. We can learn of her stick-to-itiveness, her fight-through-it attitude. We Christians win in the end, if we can just hang in there till the end.

Marriage is worth fighting for. He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD — Pr. 18:22 NIV. It seems like our current culture is doing everything to waylay marriage. It gets mocked on the sitcoms, degraded by the affair-touters, and now redefined. Hmmmm.

I haven’t been a cakewalk for Dianna, but maybe she’d say it’s been worth it. I know it’s been beautiful to build together for 24 years instead of tear asunder under the deception that someone somewhere is a “soulmate.” You trade in one set of problems for another. Nor do I think loneliness is a good answer. When God saw Adam alone, He made Eve for him. It was the first thing in the perfect creation that was imperfect.

21 responses to “Marriage, worth fighting for

  1. After 45 years myself, and doing plenty of marriage counseling for other couples, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Amazing. Thanks for following Nutsrok

  3. Marriage is just amazing. There are fruits to be found there that I think have been forgotten in modern society. If you try to tell people how wonderful marriage is, they tend to look at you as if you’ve lost your mind. It isn’t all roses of course, but it is so worth it anyway.

  4. I am in agreement. After living through divorce as a child, I would never allow “it” to happen to me. However, women (especially) need to know that they are better off getting themselves (and their children) out of a violent and destructive marriage than trying to white wash the problem. Christian men who abuse and cheat on their wives should be exposed for what they are doing ( For all of his years of rape, abuse, molestation, adultery, my ex- husband is still in ministry.)

  5. But that first marriage was created before the Fall… Imperfection didn’t come until after the Fall…

  6. Nothing is perfect–wish it was and I wish people were more forgiving and less impatient. Too many think of themselves before their partner. I loved the part where we just chuck the diaper when it gets poopy…I know this all too well. May I never lose hope–may none of us lose hope. 🙂

  7. Wow there is so much I can learn from Peggy!

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I just found out that my husband as an addiction to pornography. It started while deployed. We already have such a rough go at it because of being military, and this just makes it harder. I’m not leaving, I’m staying put, cause he needs help. First I want to help him. I know its going to be hard, but I put my faith in Jesus first, then man.

  9. mrsmariposa2014

    Excellent words. I am on my second marriage, having been the one unwillingly disposed of. This puts me in mind of marriage advice I felt God direct me to write awhile back. Here’s a link if it interests anyone.

  10. This post is the focal point of all my writing. Marriages and long term relationships are worth fighting for, but too many people don’t. Too often people just look out for themselves, and stop putting in the effort needed to keep a marriage alive and thriving.

    In a world of people seeming to think they should just “follow their heart” and look for temporary happiness in the arms of another, this post is great to see.

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