The four answers to prayer

answers to prayer

1. Slow. Confused for a “no,” but God is working on something first before giving the answer.

2. Go. The answer is yes. Do all your part now.

3. No. You don’t want to twist God’s arm into granting you something that you want but He knows is not truly good for you.

4. Grow. Also confused for a “no,” but God first must mature you for the blessing. You wouldn’t be able to sustain the blessing yet.

Praying is like giving birth to something in our lives. But we ought to recognize that prayer, more often than not, is NOT instantaneous. We need to develop maturity to recognize these four answers to prayer.

9 responses to “The four answers to prayer

  1. This is so good! Easy to remember 🙂

  2. Interesting. Thanks for posting.

  3. Reblogged this on Serinity Writings and commented:
    It’s not always easy but we should learn to be patient.

  4. Oh so sweet!

  5. Excellent post, and a good reminder as we enter the new year.

  6. “But I don’t liiiiike that answer, God!” he whined. ;>)

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