Hospitality, not hostility

hospitality | Guatemala

With my wife and the pastor in Guatemala.

They eat beans and tortillas six days a week, and on Sunday — their only day of chicken — they would give me the best piece. I felt as guilty as a convict but knew that I couldn’t refuse their hospitality.

I learned hospitality in Guatemala. In the United States, I learned self-sufficiency, every man for himself, get ahead of the other, only invite to eat if they invite you back.

When you’re in a house with dirt floor and sheet metal roof, it’s time to learn something new when people so poor give so richly. In the Bible, it is a great honor to receive strangers/guests into your house and provide them protection. The guests get treated even better than children.

When was the last time you invited someone to eat who stands no chance of paying you back? When have you given love to the unloveable? When have given to the point of forgoing once-weekly chicken yourself?

I am in Guatemala, delighting in its incomparable hospitality with the brethren of the church I founded.

12 responses to “Hospitality, not hostility

  1. Amen! If more of us did this, as the Word of God inexplicably says to do, there might be less of these people in those conditions? Pass the Word of God over, would you please?

  2. So beautiful… Their actions r louder than their words. My church is going there on a mission in March

  3. It is more blessed to give than receive, When we give from the heart we have more room for God’s love to fill us!

  4. Heartwarming post.Have a happy and blessed.2015.

  5. How beautiful to tell of people who do as Jesus would.

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